Presentation Services

voysmith's main offering is its Presentation services; especially, but not limited to, slide presentations. It is here where John consolidates his individual service offerings: storyboarding, voiceover, and copywriting.

Please see the link below to John's article, Electrify Your Handshake, explaining the importance of engaging people through 'presentation' in today's digital world. In addition, please see some of voysmith's sample slide presentation types below.

Customer Testimonial: "The Newfangler video has provided a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our Emissions-to-Biofuels technology in an entertaining and understandable format. Since its publication, I save hours of time every week describing our technology in long email and phone conversations to potential customers, investors, and the press. I simply point them to the Newfangler website and wait for the compliments." - Marc Bane, Senior Marketing Advisor, Sudbury, Massachusetts


Electrify Your Handshake (Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communication's Navigate New Media website) October 2010

Sample Slide Presentations:

Resume Abstract

Multimedia Business Card

Training Slide/Module

(voysmith also produces business overviews, advertisements, and product/service profiles)