Don't Just Advertise...'Demotise'

Although it certainly has its place in life, advertising cannot achieve what 'demotising' can. Demotising engages viewers and prospects—taking them on a product tour, telling them a story, allowing your viewer to take your product around the block for a virtual test drive, or even using interactivity to transform a 'viewer' into a 'participant' in completing a product task or solving a problem. voysmith's slide show presentations can help you ' demotise' in a cost-effective way.

Effective product demonstrations elicit a level of trust, confidence, and product knowledge that advertisements alone cannot achieve. After viewing your slide show, viewers are more inclined to learn about, believe in; and in some cases, endorse what they've seen.

David Oglivy, co-founder of Ogilvy and Mather, said, “Factual advertising…always sells better than empty advertising. All I did was give my customer the facts. The majority of ad campaigns fail to give consumers enough information.” Raymond Rubicam, co-founder of Young and Rubicam, said “Advertising has a responsibility to behave properly."

Nearly all product and service inquiries come from people who have a specific need or application in mind; a demonstration and relevant support information about your product or service helps to create such inquiries. A demonstration can also link your new product to the viewer’s experience, achieving the ‘product familiarity’ needed to support a successful new product campaign.

In addition, and with no pressure, your viewers can choose their own convenient time and space to view your slide show. Because the viewer is more informed about your product or service, subsequent sales calls or user enquiries will be much more productive, and may even help qualify sales prospects and shorten sales cycles.