Your Personal Multimedia Service

voysmith rests on a key ingredient to productive relationships—empathy. Boil down meaningful, effective communications and there you'll find it. Guided by this principal, voysmith plans, aligns, and builds relevant 'info bridges' from speaker to listener, from writer to reader, and from visual to viewer.

From marketing communications to knowledge transfer, understanding your (as well as your audience's) purpose and objectives applies to voysmith's service offerings, such as the following:

The following services provided by voysmith can be offered separately or as a package:

          • Voiceover/narration

          • Storyboarding/directing

          • Slide presentations

          • Copywriting/editing

Sample Slide Presentations:

***voysmith also produces business overviews, advertisements, and product/service profiles.***

Note: As part of our recent launch, voysmith has a special introductory price of $145 for standard resume abstracts!

Please contact voysmith to discuss your project needs.